The Essentials ~ an Introduction


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In the interest of furthered introduction (and new beginnings) I thought I would introduce you to one of my most significant hobbies and my biggest obsession: Journaling.

Daily journals, list journals, everything else journals…anything to do with stationary. Paper. Pens. Notebooks… (and Lord, if its brown leather just give it to me now.) For as long as I can remember, even before I could form the nonsense and gibberish of my mind into words, I have loved to write. (Now, I suppose, it’s just nonsense and gibberish of a different kind.) Additionally, you should know that I will undoubtably be posting quite a bit about journaling, letter writing, envelopes and care packages…and before that happens you should meet three of the essential ingredients to my existence.

This is my favorite brown journal. It was a gift from my lovely older sister and is the leathery home for any thought, list, or spoken-word poetry that finds itself without a place to live. And since many of my “creative” thoughts flow out with no sensical order or place in the world (poor things) this little leather journal gets quite a bit of use in rescuing them. It is my biggest ally; my little inanimate best friend.

Coupled with this notebook, of course, is an ever present cup of coffee (in a brown leather sleeve) and my treasured fountain pen, a Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen I received for my last birthday – one of (now) several fountain pens in my collection.

This photo contains a great deal of evidence as to my tendencies. You will be seeing a lot of these objects, I’m sure, as my obsession with stationary leads me, inexplicably, to the desire to take photos of them and share them with others. That is, after all, what blogs are for…right? (I’m new to this.)

So, there it is. An introduction to, perhaps, give light to what exactly this blog is going to be about anyway. (I’m not sure I even know) If, it turns out, you are utterly unimpressed and un-empathetic to the over-love of paper products and the appeal of coffee to the creative mind, this creative (is that what I am?) mind is not for you.

However, if the sight of stationary posed a-little-too-much on a woodgrain or white background excites you, and if you don’t mind bearing with me as I endeavor into this new-world of thoughts —> blog, then perhaps you should stay a while.

I will, of course, be posting content on more than journaling and stationary, I will most likely be delving into some of my other interests, including (but not limited to) photography, culture (cultural anthropology really gets my motor running) – jewelry making and arts of many kinds.  And, if all else fails, I do a lot of thinking/yammering about life, it’s shortness, and the importance of living with intention because of this aforementioned shortness.

 I look forward to our (short, but intentional) time together.


  • Paul.

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