Majestic Mountains and Kindred Spirits 


A short caption: Kicked off my time at home with a beautiful, blustery, wintery (freezing-our-little-faces-off) hike accompanied by my kindred spirit and best friend. She is so lovely, and posed unwittingly for what (I think) is one of the best photos I have ever taken. (I just love the mountains, the crisp-looking clearness of the sky (if not the photograph) and the sun shining boldly on just-half of the hillside.) She told me, a few moments after this photo was taken, that she was nearly blown off of this majestic-looking boulder by the very same gales causing those amazing white-caps in the background, to which she later remarked, “The sea is sure angry today.”

An Accidental poem:

Perhaps not angry, I thought, just powerful – striking – dramatic. Showing its brightest colors and its finest foam.

What a magnificent place, and how surreal it is that I call it home. ~






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