January 14th – On Going Outside


~ Today was a magical sort of day. The sort of day that leaves you breathless and chilly and utterly inspired. I spent it playing with my camera (A Canon T4i named Francois) amidst the ice bergs and frosty air of Mud Bay beach.

As I went about, smelling the salty iciness of the air and tinkering with my camera settings, it occurred to me  that there must be a thousand pictures of this bay, (2,000!) with its towering blue mountains, magnificent winter sunsets (at three in the afternoon), and icy pebble beach.



The truly wonderful thing is, no two photos will ever yield the same. Each day has its own moods, its distinct fingerprint – shadows and clouds ever changing. (not to mention varying degrees of camera-experience, myself dwelling in the “basically none” category.)

Every day this place has something new to offer; a beautiful yellow sunrise, an inspired grey sunset, a new, special sort of ice-piece that looks, strangely, like a tiny mountain range…

So with that, I gave up on feeling potentially outdone / overdone and dove whole-heartedly into attempting to capture (though never truly) the magnificence of the day.

With each ‘click’ – I fell more in love.





It’s amazing how a day like this can make you feel. I was inspired! Invigorated! Cold, but almost pleasantly, if that’s possible. Truly, GETTING OUTSIDE and just living and BREATHING is so important. After a hike, run, picture-taking-excursion, or even just a simple walk…I feel full of life, creative, and inspired to take on this life that feels, so often, like it might de-rail me.

A friend of mine once said, “Sometimes I just take a moment and close my eyes and stand in the sun for a minute…two. It’s amazing how grounding something simple like that can be.”

I wholeheartedly agree.

And to top things off, at the end of the day I took my newly inspired self and wandered down to the coffee shop, grabbed a vanilla latte, and spent several hours pleasantly working at my little spot at our little library.

I am sure it would not have been nearly as pleasant if I hadn’t felt quite so inspired. ~




“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration.” –Claude Monet 

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