Journaling: The Infamous Midori

~ I am a journaling fanatic – a junkie really. I must have a hundred notebooks, filled – half filled –  empty, waiting patiently to be filled…I was/am a committed Moleskine user, however, my most recent and more adventurous investment was in a Midori Travelers Notebook – the infamously versatile and customizable leather journal, meant to be filled with several small notebooks called “cahiers” (picture a taller, skinnier version of the paper-cover Moleskines) which can be arranged and utilized in any way you please.

I have been greatly enjoying the concept. The freedom and versitality are inspiring, and the dark brown leather cover is tremendously pleasant. It looks, feels, and smells leathery in the best sort of way, and ages nicely, giving it a weathered look after just a few adventures. Additionally, being a very “tactile” sort of person, I often hold it just for the sake of holding it, running my fingers along the dark smooth cover and occasionally sneaking it up to my nose for a quick whiff of the pleasant leathery scent. (Yep.)

However, I must say that the refills sold by Midori are a bit lacking in the quality department. They are stapled, rather than stitched, and are rather stubborn and refuse to lie flat, even if you attempt to press/will them into submission. However, as I understand it, there are different notebook brands sold by Goulet Pens which fit the Midori and are of higher quality. (I have not tried them, but am anxious to finish the two inserts I have so that I can test them out for myself.)

That being said, I must say I’m falling for the Midori, quirks and all, and I carry it around with me, bouncing about in my canvas satchel, wherever I go, coupled with a fountain pen or two. It’s my all-purpose-(almost, I still love my little-brown-poetry/lists journal)-notebook for journaling in the mornings with my coffee or tea, jotting down little inspired thoughts, or tucking away those little memories and paper scraps.

The inserts I use currently are:

  •  a lined insert for daily journaling
  •  a blank insert or visual journaling/miscellaneous bits and pieces
  • &  a felt wallet/file insert from Etsy which I use to store notes and found-things (they sell plastic and paper variations of this, but I prefer non-plastic alternatives & thought the dark-grey looked excellent with the leather.)

All in all, I didn’t really set out for this to be a product review. Because of that, it ended up being some sort of something, somewhere in-between a review and a rambling.

Truly, I just wanted to share my love of journaling and perhaps even provide a little bit of insight to anyone who was looking into starting a journaling habit or purchasing this particular notebook. This lovely has become one of my favorites, but any notebook will do, really, the important part is just to write, get all those words and thoughts out of you.

Writing is my love, my ultimate happy place and, also, the one and only thing that has stayed consistent in years of life-transitions and hobby-phases. I often jump from one hobby to the next, revisiting one creative outlet after another, perhaps dabbling almost excessively in beading one month and revisiting watercolor painting the next, but journaling has stayed along for the ride, providing a sort of “home-base”, I suppose, where all things come together.

(As they literally do, with the Midori, one, brown, leathery place for all of my ramblings, wonderings and scattered thoughts. Perfect.)

 (Current hobby phase: Crochet and Photography) 

Now, I’m off. A friend of mine is waiting for my company at lunch, I’ve had much time to myself this morning and it’s been lovely, now I must not sacrifice  quality human connection and adventures out-of-doors for the sake of writing and object-photography, as often as I may be tempted to.

Keep creating, lovelies.







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