On Bullet Journaling: The “getting started” Journey of a Journal Junkie


I have always loved the concept of bullet journaling.

Who wouldn’t? Its a beautiful concept. Being able to both plan and organize your life and save precious memories, even when you don’t feel quite up to a full-fledged-journal-entry. Saving the bits and pieces of your life that hold significance but never quite have a place to go – and ultimately compiling them all in once place via washi tape and colorful sharpie markers.

The problem is, I’m not really a washi tape and sharpie markers kind of girl. I never have been. Call me boring, but I like my tape plain and my ink black (maybe blue or brown) and I never did get the hang of calligraphy (no matter how hard I tried.) All of these things were the ingredients, it seemed, to being a good “visual journaler” – they are the foundation for seemingly every bullet journal or smash-book on social media and beyond.

However, in the interest of following my little dream (I’ve always always always wanted to try visual journaling/bullet journaling) I have decided to challenge these assumptions and try bullet journaling in my own way. I didn’t need all the fancy toys, (though they are quite lovely) I just needed a notebook and a pen – and the rest would come organically.

First off, I should probably mention that I may actually be a bit crazy when it comes to notebooks. For instance, when deciding whether to take up a new journal topic (in this case, bullet journaling) there is, inevitably, a process to figuring out what sort of organization/notebook I want to use. Additionally, I don’t like to carry too many notebooks. Well, more accurately, I do like to carry too many notebooks. I never leave my current journals behind, so if I’m not careful, they really end up taking over my bag. This is why the Midori Travelers Notebook was such a life saver for me. Finally a way I could keep everything in one place!

The problem is… for visual journaling purposes, I find the Midori to be a bit…skinny. I’ve never had qualms with the Midori’s dimensions before. For the purposes of listing, journaling, and doodling, my beloved Midori has served me well. However, the pages are just a little over four inches wide. That’s not even big enough to fit a post card in. For my own personal functionality and peace of mind, I needed something a bit more post-card friendly.



So, I was forced to add a notebook, once again, to my collection. Ultimately destroying my oh-so-satisfying all-in-one-place system.

However, I have a good feeling about this.
I decided to return, in this case, to my previous and beloved go-to, the paper cover Moleskine. Its friendly, flexible cover and it’s wider, lay-flat pages beckoned me. I also settled on the grid-pattern style. Yes. This felt right.


Additionally, though it does not fit in the Midori, it does allow for a bit of tucking and storing when necessary. You just place it on the front cover and use the strap to keep it in place, and it stays nicely, which is a nice compromise.

   (So much potential!)

All in all, though I have only just begun, I have a good feeling about this little lovely. I have already completed compiling the first week and setting up my index – etc. I will post another entry once my bullet journal is established, to share my set-up.

If you are curious and want to know more about bullet journaling, I found that the best resource to start with is bulletjournal.com – I will also add that many of you may be tempted initially to search ‘bullet journals” on Pinterest, which I do encourage you to do, as there are many inspiring, beautiful journals, gloriously decorated and wonderfully kept, built by so many creative minds…however, I would urge you to start with bulletjournal.com.

I say this because I, personally, found that it was a bit overwhelming, not to mention intimidating, seeing all of those beautiful Pinterest journals, with so many customized pages and parts and sharpies and tape…it all seemed so complicated. And in looking at those pages and even watching tutorials on youtube, I found that I didn’t quite grasp the basics until I visited the source, bulletjournal.com

The website includes a detailed description of the concept and a smooth walk-through on how to begin a bullet journal. Once you have that under your belt, then, I would say, go on Pinterest and inspire yourself to your hearts content.

And so it begins! I am delving into a different type of journaling, a more organized yet organic system. I have high expectations, of course, based off of seemingly everyones exclamations of “the bullet journal changed my life!”

And, honestly, I have a feeling I’m not going to be let down. I practically  organized myself into a giddy frenzy creating the first few pages, so you could say that things are looking promising.

More updates to come, Happy Journaling, all!


Ps: What a sight to wake up to. It is a beautiful, crisp, winter day, full of creative-window-sitting- tea-drinking potential. Just look at that sky!

Yours, truly






One thought on “On Bullet Journaling: The “getting started” Journey of a Journal Junkie

  1. I love that the bullet journal is so adaptable. If you want it to be beautifully decorated you can. But if you want it to be purely functional you can do that too. I sit somewhere in between, I like a bit of colour but too much washi tape and stickers is a step too far!


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