Pilot Pens, Interchangeable Nibs and a bit of an obsession on my part

I have a growing pile of dishes in the sink and a book to read, but I could not help but take the time to write an entry on my new-found excitement involving Pilot Fountain Pens. It is no secret that I am a stationary fanatic. I am also, more specifically, a Pilot Fountain Pen fanatic, and have recently added a few more to my growing collection.

I should start by saying that I am no fountain pen connoisseur, nor do I consider myself a collector (or possess the funds to be so), rather I consider myself a fountain pen enthusiast and user. I do not purchase spendy pens and inks as investments or decorations, I purchase them to write with. As such, I have a few beautiful fountain pens on the more expensive side, including my Pilot Vanishing Point, purchased (or in this case, gifted to me) for the quality, aesthetic and the sheer thrill of owning such a lovely thing.

However, most of my pens are on the more affordable side, bought to be carried, often banging and bumping in the depths of my bag. These, however, are also bought with quality in mind. There is a misconception that in order to be a true fountain pen fanatic you must lay down thousands of dollars spent on beautiful fountain pens with gold/rhodium plated nibs. And while this is definitely a thrill, and does provide sure quality and lasting value to your collection, it is less practical and rather rare for those of us with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm but a rather lacking amount of income. (Poor college students? Can I get an amen?)

This is where the Pilot brand comes in.

I have been BLOWN AWAY by the quality, serviceability and diversity of Pilot fountain pens, even those far less expensive then the VP.

Firstly, I will begin with the Pilot Metropolitan. I own this pen in two colors (black and gold) and plan on purchasing other colors as well. It is a 15 dollar pen, and I don’t need to rave about the significance of this because if you search “Pilot Metropolitan Review” or watch this particular review, others will do that for me. While watching/reading these reviews, you will discover two things:

1: The Pilot Metro is a stunningly good deal, especially since it is A: made of metal, which is typical of more expensive pens, and B: despite the low price, actually comes with a converter.

2: The Metro’s nib is interchangeable with a few other types of Pilot Pens, including the Plumix and the Penmanship.

Neither of which, I might add, are very beautiful pens. However, both of these pens have very high performing nibs at the price you pay for them (less than $10.)

This is where it gets exciting. I love the extra fine nib of the Penmanship (I write quite small) but I loathe the body style. The same is true of the Plumix, which possesses a lovely italic nib, which, once again, writes quite well for the pen’s price range. Here’s the kicker, for under 25 dollars you can have the sleek, beautiful aesthetic of the metro, and the nib of the Penmanship or Plumix all in one, which sounds not-very-exciting unless you realize that the Metro normally only comes with two nib sizes (M & F) neither of which, in my opinion, write very fine lines at all, whereas the Penmanship and Plumix come in several diverse sizes. And to have such an affordable and aesthetically pleasing metal body with so much potential is just flooring to me.

(Left: Penmanship body / Middle: Metro nib / Right: Metropolitan body with Penmanship nib)

Perhaps this only excites me, but I have already switched my Penmanship nib into my metro, and it was an exhilarating experience. Such freedom and customizability! I’m also relieved to not have to carry around the penmanship any more. I love the extra fine nib, and because of that it has become one of my favorite journaling pens…but goodness is it ugly.

Anyway, I was just so excited about this discovery, and I have been so happy with the Pilot brand that I thought I would share my excitement and happiness with you. It’s a small thing, but sometimes you just have to allow yourself to celebrate the little things.

Now, I have dishes and life to do.

Happy Writing!

2 thoughts on “Pilot Pens, Interchangeable Nibs and a bit of an obsession on my part

  1. Nice – I’ve discovered the interchangeability of Pilot nibs too. My favorite is the Prera – and I bought a bone-colored one with an italic nib. Never liked the nib for daily writing (which the Prera is great for) so swapped it out with one from… I think it was a Plumix. Really cool.


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