The Midori – Paulie Edition

In a previous post I had ooh’ed and ahh’ed over the “infamous” midori. I will admit, at first I felt a bit like a follower. But after just a few days it had begun to fit so neatly in my definition of loveliness that I could hardly believe the satisfaction it gave me just to hold it in my hand. A dear friend once commented quite astutely on my strangeness. She said, simply,

“You are such a…such a thing person.”

Why yes, I suppose I am. (I think most stationary lovers are.) That is, not in a worldy sort of way, I don’t require expensive or fancy things, rather, I have always had an affinity for everyday objects. As you probably have noticed by now, I take an unusual amount of pleasure in the literal little things of life and their significance.

So, I thought I would take a moment and revisit my little Midori, because the most wonderful thing about this notebook is the sheer customizability and the way it just evolves over time. It picks up pieces of you, of your story, in the way it ages, the things it carries, the things you carry with it…It becomes a little piece of you, an expression of your life and self.

At least, it has for me.

All in all, I wanted to share a bit about the current set up of my Midori, and how it’s evolved so wonderfully between my previous entry and this one.

Initially the notebook looked, as it went from place to place, something like this. I was new to the concept, and was, quite begrudgingly leaving my trusty notebook of four years, the soft cover Moleskine, in a drawer for the sake of experiencing this new system.

Well, ladies and gentleman, call me a convert, because I am never going back.

But that’s a story for another time.

   I had, at this point, only three things in my Midori.

  • An everyday journaling notebook, lined.
  • A sort of “everything else”/doodling notebook, blank.
  • A grey, felted wallet insert for holding miscellaneous paper things.

(if you want a more detailed description you can visit my previous entry here.)

All in all, it was a fairly new addition to my life, and it hadn’t had a lot of time to soak up a lot of “Paulie” yet.

Nowadays, things look a little different.

This is how it travels from place to place, now. Side by side with my Moleskine bullet journal (soon to be replaced with a notebook of higher paper quality), my Pilot Vanishing Point strapped faithfully to the side, and a re-purposed glasses case, holding my various other fountain pens.

The contents have changed considerably also. There are, in addition to the felt insert, FOUR notebooks.

  • A full journaling notebook, filled with entries from the last few months. ( I like keeping the old one with me for a while.)
  • A second journaling notebook (lined), newly written in.
  • An all purpose/doodling notebook (blank) for practicing my calligraphy on the go.
  • A visual journal, (blank Kraft) containing Polaroids and various pasted memories.

It’s grown thicker, heavier, and feels so nice to hold. I almost feel like it has matured, grown out of its fledgeling stage and is now a learned, seasoned notebook of considerable wit and wisdom, ready to accompany me wherever I go… (There I go personifying objects again.)

And what, you might ask, is hiding in my pen sleeve?


(From left to right)

My pen collection, as you can see, has also grown considerably. I have several others, but these are the main five I carry with me day-to-day.

And what is the reason behind all this yammering?

Honestly, I think it’s purely for the sake of expression. It’s the same sort of love for everyday objects and everyday life that is behind every  artist, still life photographer and lifestyle blogger, and which inspires other photography practices such as: “What’s in my bag” or, in this case, “What’s in my Midori.”

Honestly, it’s just so much fun for me.

I’ve made a lot of progress in the last few months. I’ve added a few pens to my collection, learned some new terms, drank less coffee, more water, and discovered so much about the community surrounding these beautiful things that I love so much. It’s been enlightening, inspiring! There are so many lovely, pen-loving people participating in this wonderful melting pot of shared ideas and notebook set-ups. I never knew there were so many  kindred spirits in the world! 

Now I have life to do, water to drink, and a book to read, that I’ve been trying to finish for two weeks now.

Happy writing, Kindred Spirits.





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