Life Lately: Concerning Sunshine

Goodness, it has been a while.
As I go through my life, I am becoming increasingly aware that long dry spells, such as this, in between sporadic moments of inspiration and productivity are (unfortunately) vastly consistent with my personality.

However, this remains an admittedly poor excuse indeed.

I have, however, been productive recently in other ways. I quit coffee. (yes I know, craziness.) And tea has been the primary fuel through which I am finishing up my load of online classes. I also finished two books in the last two weeks. I read 1984 by George Orwell, a book required for my history class but not consequently absent from my recreational reading list, along with Pride and Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables, which are, I suppose you could say, my “spring” re-reads.


These literary accomplishments are significant simply because they are following a rather dry spell in my reading life, due to the aforementioned semester in which my academic reading list left no time for such lovely nonsense as Anne of Green Gables. Next on the reading list: The Hobbit. (another re-read.)

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the springy feelings associated with all of this green and daylight we have been getting. It’s always so striking to me, the transition from winter into spring. We are, now, transitioning from spring into summer, but I remember distinctly that first sunny day when the leaves were just starting to color the air with their scent. It’s so wonderful to see people out of doors again. When spring first came, I was struck by the sudden realization that, as I made my walk into town, people were, imagine this, outside of their houses, waving to me as they tended to their gardens or raked their yards. It is so nice to finally see the community crawling from their winter caves, coming out of hibernation, with Vitamin D enabled smiles on their faces.

In other news, I will be beginning seasonal work this coming week, following the culmination of my second year of college classes. This is a welcome prospect, as I know that changes of pace are absolutely essential to my mental health. (One can only tolerate essays for so many days a year, you see.) Is it bad, though, that a rather large reason that I’m excited to go back to work again lies in the prospect of finally being able to support my Stationary/Fountain pen habit again? Yes?

Oh well, everyone has a vice.

It looks like I’ll be doing some work both here, in town, and (across the puddle) in the little bustling town of Skagway. I’ve heard that Skagway is a fun place to work, with so many college-age individuals gathered in such a small space. The prospects of meeting so many young and fascinating new people is an exciting one, though I fear the ‘introvert’ in me may become want of some time to myself. I was told, though, that the library in Skagway is an excellent place for such things.

So, I suppose you could say, summer is off to an inspired start. I cleaned and organized my space, pulled out my summer clothes and am in search of a bicycle. Also, songbirds are a wonderfully welcome sound, and I’m glad to see my plants beginning to grow again.

The sunshine is lifting the spirits of this little town a little more each day and new faces are appearing at an ever-increasing rate. I can’t help but be excited to see what this summer has up its sleeve. Summer is always so distinct in this place, with all the fests and the fair and the people ever-traveling in and out. This season, for me, has always held this feeling of freedom, personality, identity – as if you can be the best that YOU can be during it. Additionally it is the time when everyone comes home, and post graduates can catch up with one another after a year apart.

Summer always feels like moving forward, and after a long winter, that feeling sounds like hope.

Thus concludes the rather scattered and not-in-any-way specifically themed update on the happenings of myself and this little town. I felt it was time for an entry, however trivial. Happy day, all, and pray for continuing sunshine!


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